What is the program?

This is a program intended to enhance Movement disorders (MD) training to Neurology residents to improve their skills in Movement Disorders as a general neurologist. This program will use blended learning, the most modern teaching methodology including online lectures, reading assignments, tasks, quizzes and formative assessments. The course will complete with a Resident training camp providing workshops and hands on training for skills in MD. Those successfully completing the course will get a certificate from MDSP and PSN. But the real prize of the course is your own professional development.

Who is this program for?

Current neurology trainees in an accredited program of Neurology training in Pakistan is the primary focus. We will consider recent graduates of Neurology on a case by case basis.

Why Should I enroll?

As an optional part of your professional development as a Neurologist this course promises to be useful and effective in allowing you to develop special skills. These skills will be helpful in diagnosing and treating movement disorders.

What is the application process?

Please submit your CV, your MBBS degree and a support letter from a faculty member/program director. The key to selection is a statement of purpose: Please tell us in about 150 words why you should be selected and what will you do with the skills that you may acquire through the course. You can submit any and all supporting documents that you believe will help us make a decision.

Ok, but how do I submit?

Online only, remember this is blended learning. Email it to; Attn: Dr Nadir Ali Syed, Subject National Movement Disorders Online Course, and email to: muznaalisyed@gmail.com.

How would you select the participants?

The Course Committee will use criteria of merit and inclusivity (across different programs) to decide who are the candidates most likely to benefit from the course and enhance MD practice in Pakistan. We consider our participants ambassadors of MDSP.

How many will you take?

A few. We have a cap but no minimum numbers we must take. We are looking for ambassadors we can be proud of.

When can I submit?

Now. And until May 31st, 11:59 pm of 2017.

When will I hear back?

The first pilot batch will start July 1st 2017, we will let you know if you are in by then.

How will the program run?

This is an innovative and pioneering work in teaching methodology, a first-ever in Pakistan. Blended learning means a blend of self-directed learning, online interaction, formative feedback and face to face skills development. Participants will have online education and guidance every week, required tasks and assignments to be submitted online, providing them complete freedom on when to do them, where to do them and how to do them. This 6 months long online guided interactive education will be followed by a 2-3 day training boot camp consisting of bunch of workshops to consolidate information and skills development.

How expensive is this program?

Very. Fee for this program is 10,000 dollars PKR. However as a special offer we are allowing the pilot batch to enroll with fee waived off

How can I learn more about the program?

By getting selected in the program. All the participants will get a lot of inside information. But for interested applicants we will offer a one time Q&A on whatsapp. The conversation group “MD applicant Q&A” will be started by Dr Nadir and it can be joined by sending a request to him by messaging him at 03332121212. The exact date and time of the discussion will be announced later.

What If I don’t get selected?

Try, try again. We will be back next year.

Why are you doing it?

Neurology will never be the same again. Changing the face of Neurology.


3 things to KNOW about MDSP Training Course:
  • Blended education with online interactive course and training camp
  • 6-month long course with weekly work and interaction
  • Certificate of completion and CME hours

  • Application Deadline: May 31st 2017
  • Start Date: July 1st 2017
  • Completion: December 2017

  • Course Supervisor: Dr Nadir Ali Syed MD
  • Course Director: Dr Danish Bhatti MD
  • Executive Committee: Dr Arsalan Ahmed MD, Dr Athar Javaid MBBS, Dr Saleem Ilyas