30th National Neurology Conference

Neurocon 2024

26 27 & 28

April 2024

Serena Hotal Peshawar

Pakistan Society Of Neurology

Join us in Spreading Neurological Awareness and Knowledge

Pakistan Society of Neurology (PSN)

Pakistan neurology community hold its first formal meeting in 1994 at Lahore while in 2003 organized its first national meeting under the umbrella of Pakistan Society of Neurology (PSN).

In March 2014 it formally gets registered under the society act, also formally affiliated with the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) as affiliated national representative body.

Pakistan Society of Neurology (PSN) is the official representative body of Pakistani Neurologists; PSN primarily encourage neurologists within Pakistan to maintain links with each other, in order to: a) To provide leadership to the existing and upcoming neurologists in Pakistan. b) To promote more effectively the welfare and interests of its members, the neurology community in Pakistan. c) To establish mutually beneficial relationship with other similar societies within the region and internationally. d) To provide the administrative infrastructure for development of academic neurology within Pakistan. e) To exchange ideas in order to promote better care of patients, and enhance collaborative academic & research activities.



We work together as neurology professionals to accomplish the mission and vision of the society and to share our knowledge and skills in belonging to and serving the neurology community.


We empower members, patients, and other stakeholders to make a constructive change in their own lives and the lives of others in the neurology community, and to contribute to the PSN mission.


We set and maintain the highest ethical standards for ourselves and our programs.


We embrace the self-respect and uniqueness of every person, being sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others.

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